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georgiana opry house GA NA Theatre conce


All selections must be performed by memory 


The video should include a spoken introduction NOT LONGER THAN ONE (1) MINUTE at the beginning of  your audition.


Include your name, and the selection you are singing giving credit to the artist. 

(Do not include your age or school, if any) 


Your video should not exceed FIVE (5) minutes. 


If your video exceeds FIVE (5) minutes, you will be subject to disqualification. 


Performers may sing with acoustic accompaniment only, 

(No other instrumental accompaniment will be accepted) or a pre-recorded track. No audio or video enhancement is permitted. Recordings must be one full take. (No video editing) We will notify you as per your preferred contact method noted on your application. 


The Georgiana Opry House is not responsible for unsuccessful uploads, lost, or LATE video submissions. Incomplete, corrupted, or unintelligible videos will be disqualified. 


By submitting the entry, the entertainer certifies that the video performance is his/her own  performance. 



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