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Singers Ready to Shine at the HANK WILLIAMS SR. TALENT SHOWCASE

Get ready to meet a diverse group of talented individuals from various backgrounds and locations, each bringing their unique style and passion for music to the stage. This talented lineup of rising stars promises to deliver unforgettable performances and showcase their extraordinary vocal abilities. Let's dive in and discover the stories behind these remarkable singers who are ready to shine!

Judith Ann Oswald, an energetic 18-year-old from Greenville, AL, who secured third place in a competition last year. She's not only the Children's Pastor at Greenville Church of God but also leads their lively worship team. Judith's other big passion? Horses! She absolutely adores them and brings that same enthusiasm to everything she does.

Mason Browder, a vibrant 20-year-old from McKenzie, AL. Mason is currently a sophomore at LBW Andalusia Campus and loves being part of the LBW Ensemble. Beyond his studies and ensemble performances, Mason is also the founder of his own band called Retroactive. How cool is that? He's definitely keeping busy with his passion for music!

Brant McCollough, a talented 17-year-old from Samson, AL. Brant is not only the quarterback for Kinston High School but is also doing dual enrollment at LBW. On top of all that, did you know he was a contestant on American Idol Season 7? Color us starstruck! Brant's definitely making waves both on and off the field!

Faith Alene, a talented 16-year-old from New Smyrna Beach, FL! Faith is homeschooled, which allows her to fully dedicate herself to her passion for music as a songwriter and performer. When she's not busy creating music, you'll find Faith practicing archery, her favorite hobby. She's a true artist with a bow and arrow, aiming high in both her musical and personal pursuits!

Rebekah Hicks, a talented 21-year-old from Franklin, AL! Rebekah is currently studying at the University of Mobile Alabama School of the Arts, where she's deeply involved as a member of the Welsh Revival performing ensemble. Beyond her studies and performances, Rebekah showcases her musical versatility by playing multiple instruments, including the violin. She's truly a rising star with a passion for music and the arts!

Summer Waters, 20-years-old from Luverne, AL! Summer is currently a senior at the University of Alabama, majoring in Communications. On top of her studies, she has some exciting things coming up, including her upcoming wedding and participation in the Miss Alabama pageant. Looking ahead, Summer plans to move to Nashville soon, embarking on new adventures and pursuing her dreams. She's definitely on an exciting path ahead!

Join us as we celebrate their dedication to the craft and their journey to the stage. Get ready to be moved by their performances and inspired by their love for the music. The stage is set, the spotlight is waiting—let the magic of music unfold as these exceptional artists take center stage at the Hank Williams Sr. Talent Showcase.

Tickets remain available! Click to get yours now!

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